The Doll Squad 3 “Prison Riot”

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The Doll Squad is a “female Special Forces team” led for me Lieutenant Lora, I’m who personally select and train my girls. My female Special Forces team is specialized in strike tactical operations, extracting information, infiltration, and target elimination specialists, my female Special Forces don’t need guns, but we have a fighting skills arsenal that combined with our feminine charms make us the most lethal weapons that “¡Nobody would dare to face…!”

Today I will go on a mission with one of my new girl selected and trained by me Sergeant Rita.

An inmate group took control of a prison; these inmates are very dangerous and eliminated all correctional officers after demands were not met and surrender negotiation with the inmates has deteriorated. The city mayor required my Doll Squad team to recover the prison control and put all inmates inside their cells, the riot’s leader has demanded to talk with any reporter to make his demands, so I, Lieutenant Lora, and my sidekick Sergeant Rita are going to infiltrate us the prison as two female reporters. But these dangerous men don’t know that The Doll Squad is my female Special Forces team and we haven’t mercy and will give all these men a terrible beating that they never forget.

2 reviews for The Doll Squad 3 “Prison Riot”

  1. Marcos

    Something very interesting that I love about my Doll Squad stories is the teamwork and the skill of both girls to attack their opponents using the same style, same strikes combination, and make it at the same time, also their variates combat uniforms…!♥♥, in special this one…!♥♥
    I like to introduce the new actress Rita as Lora’s sidekick because in my stories Lieutenant Lora trains personally a lot of girls to her female special forces team.
    I only selected some scenes from “Prison Riot” stories for this video, Lora always puts a lot of energy and performance in her videos, Rita is a new actress but under Lora’s guide, all the video was perfect.
    I want to give a special thanks to Lora for her efforts in getting the right scenarios for filming my video…!♥♥
    I love the power and energy that Lora and Rita did put in their fighting scenes, their painful karate chops, good kicks, and those nice low blows…!
    Thanks very much ♥Lora♥ and ♥Rita♥ for bringing Doll Squad back in another of their nice stories, and now I can say “I have 3 dolls for the Doll Squad team ♥Lora♥ ♥Sonya♥ and ♥Rita♥….!”

  2. Polar Bear

    I give this film 5 stars for the outfits alone. The girls are hypnotic in their matching clothing and red boots. I think the girls look incredibly sexy in their white ushanka hats! A touch of genius.

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