The Doll Squad “Lieutenant Lora and her female special forces team”

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The Doll Squad…is my “Female Special Forces Team” led for me Lieutenant Lora, I am who personally selecting and training my girls. My female Special Forces team is specialized in strike tactical operations, extracting information, infiltration, and target elimination specialists, my female Special Forces don’t need guns, but we have a fighting skills arsenal that mixed with our feminine charms make us most lethal weapons that “Nobody would dare to face …!” Today I am going to test the training progress in one of my girls, corporal Sonya.

5 reviews for The Doll Squad “Lieutenant Lora and her female special forces team”

  1. Marcos

    After 4 years of waiting, The Doll Squad is back, Thanks to Lora and Sonya…!♥♥
    When I wrote The Doll Squad stories, I never thought about a Russian style…OH YEAH! I love this style with their “Ushakas hats”, Lora and Sonya looks like two lovely dollies dressing like this, which is the concept of these stories “Doll” and “Squad (Military Special Force) this video is special because I wanted to know how a Russian style might look, and starting now my Doll Squad stories will be with this style, the video was focused in Lora as an experimented officer training her girls to form a female special force and look Sonya’s skills. The scenario looks very good to start the Doll Squad story, The girl’s outfits are fantastic…!♥♥ and I will improve them more every time, with a lot of greats angles and close-ups from the cameraman, a very good job…!!
    I already finishing 2 stories with the Doll Squad in their white Siberian outfits…♥♥♥ very lovely, I just expect to get the outfits done for my next video.
    Thanks so much…! Lora, Sonya, Lora’s team, and cameraman for bringing “The Doll Squad” back after 4 years of waiting.
    One special Thanks to Lora and Sonya, I love you girls…!♥♥♥

  2. Si

    Many low blows in this video

  3. Sonya’s fan 44

    Great and excellent subject and concept, marvellous acting and playing and gorgeous 2 girl LORA and SONYA.There is no man anywhere in the world to oppose and match with you. Great commander LORA as always is invinsible and unstopable. and her student SONYA is like Lora’s twin.İ think Sonya will be Lora’s hair in the fighting world. Sonya my advice you is improve yourself in figting more .Learn flexible kicks and hits Learn another fighting styles such such as flying and turning kicks..And you will be number one.Highly recommeded. Thank you for DOLLSQUAD video.

  4. Sonya’s fan 44

    Sorry. İ dont mean Lora’s hair i mean Lora’s heir or inheritor. Please more SONYA videos. Agent Sonya v.s. more men, sonya v..s slaves,Black kanary sonya etc. 🙂 Thank you team. İ love you SONYA and queen LORA.

  5. Polar Bear

    5 Stars just to see Lora & Sonya in those outfits. The red ushanka hats are a fantastic touch!

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