The Final Round

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Lora is preparing for her fight with an unknown opponent. She is new to the arena but has won almost every match and she appears confident. Ger male opponent entering the room, someone much more imposing than anyone else she has fought yet. Clearly this is rigged against her but her confidence only waivers for a moment. Lora is slowly defeated by her foe and she loses the match.

1 review for The Final Round

  1. Yang

    What a final round. Like to see the dominator dressing like a real dominating boss, and as a foot lover I find it smart to take off her shoes preventing from powerful kicks or fleeing, and also fascinating to see the girl’s struggle from the aspect of her kicking feet. As usual, the highlight comes at the final finishing move, and you can see Lora’s desperation from her facial expression after being hugged firmly into the man’s belly without any chance to escape, and feeling the rival’s lethal pressure on her chin and neck, and finding out she could do nothing but looking at the arena where the beautiful fighter would later die, with an empty brain.

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