The gemini sisters

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Two Gemini sisters Lora and Nancy are poisoning you as Agent J. But you you pumake them both sleep and enjoy the view of their soles.

1 review for The gemini sisters

  1. sanchez

    Now this is how you do an OTT video, Lora and her studio have been producing some of the best Fantasy fight videos on the market, just check out “Stay Out of Jacobs Way” which is an incredible martial arts battle to the finish that I personally loved, and this video which is a sequel to ‘ SIBERIAN TIGRESS””THE GEMINI SISTERS” at least to me shows why I love Lora team so much. Lora and Nancy both sell their OTT the pefomances to perfection, from eye crossings, to Loud snoring, to Tongues hanging out, plus keeipng they keep their eyes closed throughout their knockout is a big plus for me, this is a complete James Bond comic book with Darts being shot out of watches, to the blurry special effects that Agent J does ,played to perfection by Eric, he handles the camera like a pro, anyway loved the video Lora, and thank you Nancy you kick ass, and also Eric thanks guys.

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