The Goddess takes on a Gang. Part 3

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Goddess Lora is busy playing with her slave when she finds out her friend has been robbed. Angrily, Lora is determined to find out who is responsible. She takes a couple of guards, enslaves the boss’ main bodyguard and completely enslaves the boss. Of course she has her personal slaves waiting at home for her return. The scene features female domination, facesitting and light ballbusting.

2 reviews for The Goddess takes on a Gang. Part 3

  1. tws

    Lora is just the best as this 3part film shows, really liked the outfits. 5+

  2. balls4loraboots

    A shout out to the handsome male actors. They do good work; Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t pay to watch you or even accept getting paid to see the men fight each other but you do good work for Lora. Keep it up, because she’s evolving on the femme fatale front. We should have, us, her audience, we should’ve seen this coming and encouraged a dark goddess archetype. I’m blown away, and loving it

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