The Schoolgirl Assassin

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Story starring Alice & Lora
In the room Alice is hiding under a desk, curled up in foetal position (see pic 1), she is wearing her schoolgirl outfit as in clip The Babysitter, with shirt, tie skirt, socks folded down an inch below the knee and white trainer shoes. (see pic 2). Lora walks in, wearing black sleeveless top, jeans and black knee length boots (see pic 3). Lora is on the phone saying “I know they are sending someone to kill me, they are supposed to be the best”
Lora is facing away from the desk where Alice is hiding, Alice comes slowly out from under the desk and pulls out a gun “Your hunch is right, I am here to kill you” Alice says boldly. Lora turns around and faces Alice, and looks at her up and down, laughing “You are supposed to be the best?” You are just a little baby girl”

“Don’t be deceived by how I look” Alice says boldly, “yes I am still at school, I didn’t have time to change before I came here, but make no mistake, you will die today”
Lora smiles and says, “you think so little girl?” “I do,” Alice says defiantly.
Suddenly a door slams in another room, and Alice is momentarily distracted, enough time for Lora to pull out a blow dart, put it in her mouth and shoot Alice in the neck.

Alice drops down to the floor, the dart doesn’t knock her out, but serves as a strong muscle relaxant, rendering her totally paralysed.

“This is what happens when you try to mess with things above your paygrade baby girl”
“What did you do to me?” Alice says softly

Lora kneels down, puts Alice’s arms around her (Lora’s) neck, and pulls her up to her feet, then she scoops Alice up into her arms cradling her gently, Alice rests her head on Lora’s shoulder (see pic 4)
“You are so adorable” Lora says to Alice mockingly “Like a little child in my arms, you are supposed to be the best?” Alice looks up at her “I am the best” she says again defiantly.

Lora carries Alice around for another minute or so and then lays her on the couch.


Alice is laying on the couch, curled up in foetal position, she is still aware, but totally helpless

Lora walks back into the room, “It’s time for us to go”, then she lifts Alice back into her arms cradling her gently “I have a client, who is very interested in you” Lora says looking down at the helpless victim cradled in her arms,

Alice has her head on Lora’s shoulder. “Where are you taking me?” Are you going to hurt me?”

Lora looks down at her, “hurt you?, you were going to kill me” Lora carries Alice into the middle of the room, “Your fate doesn’t lie with me, it is up to the client”
Lora holds Alice in her arms for a minute then carries her out the back door (see pic 5) up the stairs into the road,

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  1. Cindy Taine

    Really love that Alice is in another lift & carry video, she is such a good liftee. Hopefully we can see Alice again in another lift & carry video but maybe next time, Alice can be the one doing the lift & carry

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