The secret of Kate’s strength

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3 reviews for The secret of Kate’s strength

  1. hello.byeperson

    Fantastic video!

  2. nicknaobaygio

    This is my custom and they satisfy every request in my script. For some aspect, they even go beyond what I want and deliver an even better version of what I originally envisioned.

    Kate and Luna are both fantastic in this video with all the fighting moves and reactions. This is not my 1st customs with lady2fight and I am happy with every single one. Hopefully, I can make another custom with lady2fight soon!

  3. Williams

    Can there be anything more awesome than seeing 2 leather-clad lovelies (strong-looking Kate versus willowy sapphic catgirl Luna looking great in their bare midriff outfits) going hell’s belles at each other, laying in with their solar plexus punishments particularly? It’s so well sustained what with dynamic fight choreography and commited performances, and totally gripping in that we’re never sure who the victor will be. I also enjoy ladyfight’s mixed fighting but girl-girl never fails.

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