The Siberian Tigress

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Custom clip request.

Product length: 16 minutes

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Lora was poisoned by The Siberian Tigress Ashley. She has laced her finger nails with the poison. Ashley also has the antidote on her, but Lora has to defeat her to get it.

1 review for The Siberian Tigress

  1. Anthony Sanchez

    This custom was another example Lora and her team are one of the best at staged combat the fighting the costumes the camera work and the attention to detail is impeccable Ashley was so good as the Siberian Tigress she was funny and sexy at the same time and just a great character and Lora as secrete agent 700 is great as usual. I loved this custom. So again if your looking for a production company to get your script just right give Lora and her team a shot you will not be disappointed thanks Team Lora

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