The time has come for Lоra

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3 reviews for The time has come for Lоra

  1. kishinfoulux

    This was my custom. They did an amazing job with it. We know Lora is great at dishing out punishment, but she’s also fantastic at taking a beating, and she definitely takes a licking in this one. If you want to see Lora get destroyed this is the movie for you.

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  2. Greaves

    Absolutely brilliant! I’ve been waiting a long time for the return of fight videos like this. The choreography was superb, and I must congratulate you on the sound effects as well. It is so nice to hear the difference between a punch and a slap, something a lot of producers overlook. Lora’s outfit was stunning. It was great to see her skirt become more messed up, the more she got beaten. Would love to see Agent Irma get the same treatment in her black skirt. Keep it up 🙂

  3. Nik

    Great movie, Lora looks incredibly hot in that schoolgirl outfit and the beating she gets is quite exquisite, excellent effort and kudos to the custom idea!

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