The Time has Come for Sonya

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The video is almost the same as The Time Has Come For Lora. with the following modifications.
Number 1: Remove All Low Blows. This would be a “Fair Fight”
Number 2: 0:15 – The Bad Guys “I will destroy you like I destroyed Lora.” Sonya laughs and starts circling the opponent. “Good luck with that” Sonya says.
Number 3: 4:30 – After the bad guy punishes her legs, Sony stands back up and is holding them visibly in pain. The bad guy takes advantage of that and starts punching her face.
Number 5: 5:00 Instead of slapping her, the bad guy uses his fists to punch her face.
Number 6: 5:50 Instead of the bad guy grabbing her hair and moving her to the side. Sonya steps back and tries to kick him. The bad guy blocks the attack and looks at her red shoe. “Nice shoe”, the bad guys says. He removes the show and starts hitting her in the face with it. He then puts the shoe back on her foot and lets her go. This replaces the section from 5:50 to 6:30.
Number 7: Instead of the bad guy punching Sonya’s stomach and slapping her face. Sonya backs up against the wall. There is a stream of blood coming from the side of her lip. Bad Guy looks at her and says. “You must be weaker than Lora.” Sonya responds “You bastard.” She series to punch left and right but the bad guy blocks and punches her belly with multiple punches like a machine gun. Sony grunts in pain as her abs are destroyed. This will take you from 6:30 – 7:30.
Number 8: 7:30 Sony staggers back her knees bent inward stumbling in her heels holding her stomach in pain. Bas guy grabs her throat and continues kneeing her in the belly like original video. Sonya falls to the floor and bad guy kicks her stomach.
Number 9: Bad guy after kicking Sonya’s stomach. “This is the part where Lora begged.” Sonya remains defiant but in pain. “I WILL NEVER BEG!” Sonya replies.
Number 10: Remove the low blow kicks part on 8:15 and the stomach blows. Instead, have the bad guy clean the blood of Sonya’s lips using Sonya’s blonde hair and have him say. “You will beg!” This will cover until 9:13 when bad guy picks her up and smashes Sonya’s head against the wall.
Number 11: 9:13. Replace slaps with punches. The rest remains the same.
Number 12: 10:06. Sonya is on the ground but still defiant. “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?” Mind you she is in pain and scared. But she refuses to beg. Bad guy gets angry and smashes her face against the floor.
Number 13: 11:00 Bad guys puts Sonya on her knees. “Beg for Mercy!” the bad guy screams. Sonya in pain and almost in tears. “NEVER!” The bad guy punches her face instead of slapping her. He then kicks her face. he than punches her again in the face.
Number 14: 12:00 Sonya is dazed. Blood still on the side of her lip. She’s in pain. “I will never beg!” she manages to say as she is dizzy.
Number 14: 12:13 Bad guy Grabs Sonya’s arm and wrenches it. “Maybe if I wrench your arm?” The bad guy says. “DO IT” Sonya screams. Bad guy wrenches the arm and Sonya screams in pain. She grabs her arm and screams. “I WILL NEVER BEG!”
Number 15: The Bad guy punches her face. “I WILL NEVER BEG!” Sony screams as he wrenches the second arm.
Number 16: 12:40 the bad guy proceeds to kick her face while Sonya is on her knees.
Number 17: 13:00 Sonya falls on her face. Bad guy grabs left leg and wrenches it. Sonya screams in pain. He than punches her more times in the stomach.
Number 18: 13:30 Bad guy stands Sonya up and smashes her face first against the wall. He than punches her kidneys.
Number 19: 14:00 Sonya turns around to kick the bad guy with her good leg but he punches her knee wrenching her good lef. Sony is not with her knees bent inward.
Number 20: Slow motion three punches close up to the face. The First punch connects to Sonya’s Righ check pushing her face to the left. The second punch connects with her left cheek pushing her face to the right. Sony is dazed and almost knocked out. She takes two-three steps forward her knees bent inward stumbling a bit. “I didn’t beg.” she whispers. The bad guy connects with a final knockout upper cut in slow motion. Sonya falls.


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