The Vampire Hunter: Luna vs Sonya

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Sonya is a vampire hunter who is sent to take out Luna, an evil vampire who has been terrorizing the city. She’s looking around the room, when Luna sneaks up behind her and kicks her in the groin. This leads to an intense low blow battle.

Low Blow Attacks: Groin kicks (from the front & behind), Groin Knees, Groin punches

Other Attacks: Face punches, Face kicks, Throat punches

3 reviews for The Vampire Hunter: Luna vs Sonya

  1. Bdot

    Awesome video! I love the outfits, low blow action, and the camera angles 🙂

  2. zs_p

    Awesome outfits, perfect execution – 5 stars! 🙂

  3. rangerian

    Great reactions, believable hits. Perfect lighting, editing and camera work. One of the best low blow productions.

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