Three men blackmail Betty. Part 2

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Betty will enter uninvited into the men’s apartment. Acting on a tip, she demands to know where they’ve hidden the stolen money. The men are confused and terrified of her. They offer no resistance as she searches the apartment. Finding nothing, she saunters over to the men who are in fear of her. She casually grabs his shirt and pulls his face close to hers and asks where did they hide the money. He’s terrified because he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Using her belt, she wraps it loosely around his throat and tells him that the belt will compel him to tell the truth. He still doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
Realizing that she acted on a bad tip, she hastily moves to leave the apartment. She stops when they tell her they will report her to the police for breaking into their apartment and threatened them.
Three men blackmail Betty. Part 1


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