Two catburglars get pranks and humiliations

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“Home alone” style video, where two catburglars get pranks and humiliations

7 reviews for Two catburglars get pranks and humiliations

  1. Anonymous

    I hate the stupid faces

  2. Anonymous

    video is fire! hopefully they have more over the top, tongue out faces/ko’s in the future

  3. Anonymous

    Loved it. Hope to see some foot related traps in the sequel!

  4. samualsknight

    This video was ‘Laugh out loud’ funny! Sonya and Lora were just hysterical. Their contorted faces and antics showed how charming they can be even on a ‘Bad hair day’. Loved every minute!

  5. Wael

    Are there any crotch related traps?


    Brilliant video. Part 2 please with some crotch traps

  7. Lynx123

    This video is fantastic. Lora and Sonya do some great acting. The traps are great. One of the funniest videos I have seen.

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