Two male goons and Karina

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Karina is undercover operative infiltrating a crime organization. Bosses current admin assistant Wanda has called in “sick”, and Karina is there from the “temp” agency to fill in for her today. But this is not your typical administrative assist, she has been sent there to infiltrate this crime syndicate. This nerdy secretary on the surface is a trained assassin looking to take them down from the inside.

1 review for Two male goons and Karina

  1. man 45

    Karina is back. She is real fighting queen. She is drop dead gorgeous woman and so sweet . She was born to beat up the bad guys and turn them into poor slaves. These 2 burly ravens are just boxing and kicking bag in front of Karina. More Karina videos please. Karina is able to beatdown any man until the donkey comes out of the water in a fighting like every LADY FIGHT woman can do . İ love you Karina and Lady Fight girls. 5 stars off course 🙂

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