Unconscious wrestling

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Lora is knocked out in the middle of floor in a spread eagled out position
Masked man walks over and pins her 1,2,3 and tosses her lifeless leg to side
Masked man goes over lifts her up by the hair and Lora is unconscious
She can barley stand up arms dangling and legs are limp
Masked man punches her continuously in the face
Lora over sells all of them and falls over knocked out
Masked man picks her up by hair and she so unconscious she crawls over cause she can’t get up
She looks up begging the man to stop
He lifts her up in chicken wing form and she’s screaming noooooo as she shakes her head in fear
Makes man slams her down into a spread eagled out position and pins her 1,2 but lifts her lifeless body before the 3 count
She can’t even get up as the man picks her up as he walks her lifelsss body around the ring
He lets go as she’s wobbling over and knocked mad her out with a punch into a spread eagled out position
He does this one more time but Lora oversells them both
After last punch he pins her lifeless body and tosses her leg to the side for super spread eagled out position
As he walks away she slowly begins twitching

1 review for Unconscious wrestling

  1. Lapalanegra

    This is one in a million, excellent performance.
    Next time a boxing match with Luna, Sonia or even Lora again would make it even better.
    Each fighter wearing spandex short or leggings.
    All Knockouts spread eagle but more FACEDOWN and FLAT and off course SPREAD EAGLE

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