Undercover agent Lora

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Custom clip request.

Product length: 25 minutes

Lora dresses up to trick he guards, get the secret code and infiltrate their boss. Lora is totally dominant and in control. She moves slowly and deliberately with powerful karate kicks and chops to the head and body, holding the poses. Each time she strikes she makes a large karate sound. The men are trying to hit her but always miss and don’t make contact.

6 reviews for Undercover agent Lora

  1. Carlos

    I hope that’s a wig and not Lora’s current hair-do.

  2. Kicker24

    Love the wig and mixing it up. Great clip. Love the attitude too.

  3. Maestro

    A brilliant film.

    Loved the premise, the action, the outfit….everything.

    Lora…….what a figure, what sass….what a woman!

    Great job whoever wrote & commissioned this film & also a great job by Lora & the guys.

    Hopefully more like this to follow. Fingers crossed!!

  4. Kev

    Great clip Lora’s moves are excellent and wow does she look the part in that wig .

  5. Ramin

    Oh my God. To be sent in hell by this beauty – what a dream. Lora looks like a goddess in her style, attitude, her domination over these helpless guys. Will have a fantastic dream this night.

  6. Anonymous

    At the end when she ask the boss if he enjoyed it I thought I was going to burst at the seams

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