Underground fight show

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Video about underground women’s fights to the death. It consists of three scenes, using fake blood, in each. Sonya dies from her own props. Sonya’s outfits change in every scene. During the battle, there is a lot of trash talks.
Sonya is a sexy, arrogant, bitchy girl with sadistic tendencies, who has repeatedly taken part in such tournaments and enjoys it.
Rita is a simple, somewhat mysterious girl who is forced to take part in this event for the sake of a monetary reward.

2 reviews for Underground fight show

  1. Donny

    This is my custom. Many thanks to the whole team. This is literally the best catfighting video I’ve ever seen. The video was shot 100% according to the script. Sonya veslicolepna. Of course, I will order many more videos featuring this beautiful actress. I really liked Laura’s comments.

  2. G

    I agree- this is one of the best one sided matches I have ever seen. Both actors brilliant.

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