Underwater Date With Supergirl

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She invites you to her house, smiles, winks and then dives into the pool. The camera stays on the surface of the water as we see Lora underwater and is swimming towards us with a big smile on her face and she emerges from underwater in front of the camera. Lora is swimming underwater and models underwater and flexes her muscles as well and what we hear are the natural sounds of the underwater atmosphere and bubbles. We see her emerge from underwater a couple of times too and the camera follows her while she emerges and submerges a few times.

1 review for Underwater Date With Supergirl

  1. Jonathan

    By far the best custom video I’ve seen in a long time, Lora and her crew did a fantastic job with this video. They have made me a fan for life and Lora is absolutely so sexy and beautiful in this performance as Supergirl, especially underwater. Can wait to order another custom video from her and her crew. Loved every minute of this video.

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