Warrior’s Choice. Sonya vs Bryan

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The video starts with Sonya arriving in a flip-flop. The male opponent is arrogant and Sonya wants to give him a lesson. She asks him if he can handle a girl in karate while smiling.

3 reviews for Warrior’s Choice. Sonya vs Bryan

  1. man 45

    Sonia is a blackbelt karate expert. We expect flying kicks and turning kicks from her.Sonia is unique in knee strikes and somersault scissor squezes.She is also number one in quick and continuous kicks to the face. Sonia gives the muscled men the sweetest and sexiest but deadly and devastating beating in the videos. Even martial arts instructors should take lessons from her. I’ll be look forwarrd to SONİA V.S THREE THUGS PART 3 OR MORE THUGS AND SONİA V.S. SLAVES or SONİA BLACK KANARY etc. Thank you.

  2. di

    one of the best videos I ever seen in this page, love the way Sonya kicks this guy. Great camara shots also, hope to see more of this soon.

  3. טייכר

    I’m a huge fan of women barefoot karate fighting. This is the best video i’ve seen in years! sonya, the karate blonde. is an excellent barefoot karate kicker. every barefoot kick she gives to the poor guy must be very painfull, also liked the “kiyyass…” she do in every kick she give to him. He realy didn’t stand a chance against her powerful karate power! hope you’ll do more videos like this one in the future 🙂

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