Who’s tougher – The rematch

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onya meets Lora and challenges her to a rematch. Even though she lost last time, Sonya believes she is the tougher one. Since Lora won last time she is extremely confident, she is so confident that whatever Sonya wants to do is fine with her. She challenges her to a belly pushing competition while against the wall. The competition is done in 1 minute rounds until one of you passes out and the other is the winner. This competition is a belly pushing endurance challenge. No punching, only deep pushing to see you who can last with the least amount of air.

1 review for Who’s tougher – The rematch

  1. mbrand

    This is just another of my many customs that Lora has performed that I am thrilled with. There were some special touches in this one that made for some adorable moments. Just listening to the ladies speak English in this one was worth the price of the custom. Thank you Lora and Sonya, so much!

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