Who’s tougher

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Product length: 17 minutes

You and Sonya meet and have a belly pushing contest to see who is the strongest. The contest is simple and is performed in rounds. The primary rule is that they each must stay in the upright position and have their hands on top of the head while receiving the “punches”. If one of them drops her hands before the last “punch” of the round, that lady loses.

1 review for Who’s tougher

  1. Williams

    Those like myself who have a fetish for female belly punching are in heaven watching this kind of back and forth realistically tough contest action. If you want to see beautiful exposed midriffs sexily gut-punched by bare knuckles and nothing else this is the video for you.
    These girls must kind of enjoy it in order to on keep building up the agony, until one passes out. They must be the hardest on the planet! (I find Sonya’s expressions when the breath is being knocked out of her particularly priceless).

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