Behind the scenes – Lora Carter “The White Widow”

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2 reviews for Behind the scenes – Lora Carter “The White Widow”

  1. Marcos

    When I asked Lora about a behind scenes, she was happy to shot it for me, why I required her about it…? I wanted to know what difficulties Lora found when worked on this video and now I can know it, wasn’t easy to make this wearing a wedding dress, but Lora did it…!♥ also I can see Lora’s team don’t work under pressure, they are happiest working on custom videos, which is a good point. Here I will give thanks to all of Lora’s team.

  2. samualsknight

    A hidden gem in Lady2Fight library of videos. It’s impressive to see the hours and dedication it takes by many to make a video. For those of us who like to do custom videos by Lora, it would be great if she can do a video like this where she explains what is helpful when making requests – What is helpful and what is not.

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