Behind the scenes. Seize The Opportunity. Part 3

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In the behind the scenes Sandra and Lora are taking turns, cradle carrying Alice around, and having fun.

Seize The Opportunity. Part 1

Seize The Opportunity. Part 2

Seize The Opportunity. Part 3


4 reviews for Behind the scenes. Seize The Opportunity. Part 3

  1. Chua

    Excellent video, it has plenty of splendid lifts & carries. My favorite is when Alice carry Lora. It is such a lovely sight to see small Alice carry the taller Lora. Not sure if Lora like being carried by Alice but I certainly enjoyed watch Alice carry Lora

  2. Chua

    Nice Behind the Scene vid, love seeing Sandra & Lora just goof off by taking turns to carry Alice. It is cute and fun and very pleasing. And it is pleasantly surprising to see Alice carry Lora and it was just delightful. Love to see Alice carrying Lora in more future videos whether they be Behind the scene video or other video

  3. Cindy Taine

    awesome behind the scene vid, love seeing Alice carry Lora especially because Alice is smaller & Lora is taller.

  4. Tiffany Kinos

    Best part of the video is Tiny Alice carrying Lora

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