Letters to Lora

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Set like a ‘Behind the scenes’, Lora reads and answers questions sent from her fans from all over the world while she prepares for work.

7 reviews for Letters to Lora

  1. GeorgefromFrance

    What an awesome video! Different from all the rest. It’s great to know someone actually listens and responds to what you say. Are there more like this?

  2. Jorge

    This video adds so much more to all the other videos I purchased. I’ve never seen that outfit that Lora wore near the end. That’s so hot! I can’t wait to see her in an action video wearing that.

  3. ThomasA

    I’m so glad I purchased this video. I wasn’t sure about making custom videos but after watching Lora talk to her patrons, I am convinced that I want Lady2Fight to make me one too!

  4. Kao

    Thanks for putting out a video like this. I really liked the clips that you added that showed some of Lora’s favorite characters she played. I really liked her thoughts on improv. Such a powerful woman.

  5. Danial

    I like the way Lora makes a personal comment to many of her fans. She seems to have a genuine appreciation for each of them.

  6. samualsknight

    Lora has done it again! There are so many sides to this blockbuster, talented woman. I just saw one more!!

  7. Yoshi

    It is good to see someone who appreciates their fan base. I am so inspired by Lora’s comments. I would enjoy many more videos like this.

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