Black Canary and Otto the Bear

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4 reviews for Black Canary and Otto the Bear

  1. Marcos

    Thanks very much for filming my custom video….!
    ♥LORA♥…! I loved this video, you work great…! great fighting style, slow and powerful, I love like you spoke your dialogues and your facial expression look like you enjoyed beat Otto up and show all you power on him, the bearhug scene was excellent very pain expression, about Otto actor I select him because I watched videos with him and he looks a good actor with good facial expression and his dialogues, also he looks are more like a thug, The cameraman did great work…! very good angles, nice foregrounds and he never lose focus even when he was moving his camera.

    Thanks, ♥ LORA ♥ you are my favorite actress on the web….me love you…♥♥♥

  2. Whitev92

    As always Lora is awesome. The only chance this guy had was to cheat against a superior fighter.

  3. tws

    Always sexy, powerful and skilled. Lora does a great job again, she is simply the best there is. When she asks Otto if he wants more punishment, my answer is yes.

  4. SMJ

    I love so much the way Black Canary Lora demolishes the thug, makes him creep and kneel between her legs, applies standing headscissors (the final scene is better than Blade Runner !) and looks at the camera, smiling and talking to the spectator.
    More like that one please !

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