Dirty tights

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At the start, women dresses in dance leotard and white dance tights were lying on the floor unconscious. There are muds on her dance tights and her hair messy. Although her attire and body looks like a dancer, she is not wearing any dance shoe, or had any makeup that suggests she is about to perform. In fact she is not a dancer, but a part of a a female warriors gang that hate civilization and lives in the wood.
Yet this young warrior was captured earlier and held captive in this hospital. The warrior then tried to escape, but was exhausted and thus fell lying on the floor as we seen in the start.

Next scene, the nurse walks into the room where the warrior is lying. The nurse is wearing a white vintage nurse unform dress, with white pantyhose and a flat bottom white shoe they are all very clean. The nurse sees the warrior and then walk next to the warrior standing and ask if she is ok and conscious. We can clearly see the contrast of the clean white pantyhose and white shoe of the nurse, and the dirty white dance tights of the warrior.
The nurse began to kneel down to check the pulse of the warrior. The warrior suddenly wake up, and stand up, and prepare to fight the nurse.. The nurse stand back and try to calm her down, saying the warrior need medical help as living in the wood made her dirty and might have disease, but the warrior is angry, saying the dirty tights she is wearing have the power of nature, unlike the clean nurse pantyhose which is sterile. They began to fight, with the nurse at the end able to restrain her, but her pantyhose is also dirty so she have to take it off and discard it. I will let you be imaginative about the detail of the fight, with both women focus on using legs in the fight. The nurse might be more focus on kicking and the warrior more focus on grappling.
Last scene. The warrior is now sleeping in the hospital bed, under medicine. We saw the warrior’s dance tights is removed, hanging next to the bed. The nurse sit on a chair next to the bed. The nurse is wearing a nurse dress but without any pantyhose, as she have thrown her dirty one earlier. Now she put on a new white pantyhose carefully, as if she is putting on a medical glove to protect herself from disease. Then next she put on her medical white latex glove, then her medical mask. While putting these stuff on she explain to the warrior lying unconscious on the bed, that she is going to examine her properly, and before doing so she will have to put on the medical item, including the clean pantyhose, to protect herself from the disease the warrior have. Then the nurse stand up and approaches the warrior

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