Thief Michelle gets pranks

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Michelle is a spoiled, conceited thief who wants to rob a house that she knows is full of valuables. She thinks it will be a piece of cake and laughs at how easy it will be. But immediately upon entering she gets in a big trouble.

2 reviews for Thief Michelle gets pranks

  1. deomontburn

    The video is amazing!
    Michelle is beautiful and talented actress!
    The vfx is the best! And also you can find some behind the scene footage, that’s incredible! Lora is so great director!

    All lovers “slapstick” and “humor” with villainesses, I highly recommended!

  2. Max

    This type of video is my favorite .. This is the best video I have ever seen … Thank you Lady2fight .. I hope you will continue to make more videos of this type (thieves get pranks)

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