Karina Carnage-2. Part 1

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All the fight scenes one sided with Karina dominating her larger opponents. Her character has superhuman ninja like strength and periodically, using either one or both arms grabs her male opponents by the throat or karate uniform top etc and forcefully lift, drag or push them into walls or hold their karate top with one hand while you repeatedly punch them in the face.

Karina Carnage-2. Part 2

Karina Carnage

3 reviews for Karina Carnage-2. Part 1

  1. Polar Bear

    Few images are more enticing and powerful than a beautiful woman on a motorbike. Karina looks stunning in black leather as she rides into the film before pummelling her way through endless bad guys in an avalanche of martial arts carnage. Loved it.

  2. miko

    What a pretty and sexy and sweet woman with motorbike. Karina is at her best.She is Female Bruce lee.Its amazing to see her flying kicks,breaking men’s arms and legs,her steel punches and kicks. Karina is unstopable and unbeatable. Your men’s are amazing in the videos.They act good.The beating movements of the men and the realistic expressions on their faces are pretty. The moaning of the men and the ssuffering movements on the ground after beating are also superb. İ would like to see Sonya Carnage please. Your videos are the best in the mixed fighting world.Thank you team. 🙂

  3. R Singh.

    Karina is very good at acting strong roles like this. Very impressive work, and fighting styles.

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