Karina Carnage-2. Part 2

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All the fight scenes one sided with Karina dominating her larger opponents. Her character has superhuman ninja like strength and periodically, using either one or both arms grabs her male opponents by the throat or karate uniform top etc and forcefully lift, drag or push them into walls or hold their karate top with one hand while you repeatedly punch them in the face.

Karina Carnage-2. Part 1

Karina Carnage

4 reviews for Karina Carnage-2. Part 2

  1. Bellypunchfan

    Karina is really cool! But she is always winning. Would love to see her losing in a belly punch fight.

  2. Polar Bear

    A big thanks to Lora, Karina and the whole team for making these customs Karina looks amazing and her on scene fighting is very realistic. I loved seeing her on her motorbike and I loved this custom.

  3. miko

    Karina is a perfect martial art expert. The pretty girl is İncredibliy relaxed,confident and sarcastic in the fight .There are all kinds of fighting styles in this video. Karate and taekvando kicks, kickboxing punches and knees, judo and aikido throws and moves, muaythai and street fighter tecniques ,even kungfu hits and Brucelee hits and moves and special nunchaku fighting styles. The men in the videos actually strrong,muscular and burly .The have withstood Krina’s beatings, kicks and blows well But there was noting they could do against fighting machine. Thank you.Because Noman can withstand these blows and beatdown.İ love you Karina and Heels4kicks. Thank you.

  4. man45L.FFan

    Karina is an army all by herself. She beats up and destroys every gansters and thugs in her path. Even watching the video in slow motion the reality and severity of kicks, fists,punches and knee strikes are evident and cruel. Also Karina is the sweetest and most beatiful woman in the world. Amazing video..Motorcycle and costume only suit a woman so well.Thank you for this great work team.

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