Lora Carter of Montoya – A little story

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Lora Carter of Montoya is a story based on a lovely wife who loves and protects her loving hubby, she is all a tigress when it comes to protecting him, Marcos Montoya is a business tycoon, and this adds a lot of dangers for him, he may have a lot of friends as enemies. Marcos is an interesting man, he always has nice details for me, he never leaves of surprising me and this is what I love about him, today I will show some scenes about our life together, I always keep my fighting skills update and I have good fighters who help me with it, sometimes I go with my hubby to have some adventure, sometimes I am eliminating some goons, my hubby says that I have a good method to make it, but a day passed something special, I always protect my hubby from any danger, but I never thought my hubby may protect me too…and now I love him more…!

1 review for Lora Carter of Montoya – A little story

  1. Marcos

    ♥Lora♥ Thanks so much for this great job…!
    Something very interesting about this video was Lora’s new clothing, I wanted to watch Lora dress very elegant and feminine, and YEAH…! Lora did surprise me…!♥ The black long dress fit perfectly on Lora, she looks very lovely and this one was a nice detail in the video.
    ♥Lora♥ performance is always 100% fantastic on all videos that she film, I love working with her…!♥ Lora always puts a lot of emotion and energy into her scenes.
    This video is something different because I did put a mixture of scenes from different stories only to watch as it would look and YEAH…! I loved it…!♥♥

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