Lora Carter of Montoya – The Anaconda come for them

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My hubby Marcos Montoya is out of the country at a business meeting, I didn’t go with him cause that his business meetings are boring, but my loving hubby always has nice details for me and he hired 3 professional wrestlers for me because he took his bodyguards with him and I had nobody to help me with my fighting workout, but my hubby didn’t explain to these 3 professional wrestlers that his lovely wife is an expert in martial arts and close-quarter combat.
I had knockout those men in my daily fighting workout when my hubby call me and did give me something very lovely, a special combat outfit that I love a lot and will help me with a mission, we now know that was “The Saudi” who try to kill my hubby and kidnap me, so first we will eliminate all his best friends and his brother before to go for him. Lora Carte of Montoya is now “The Anaconda” and I will finish all those men with “The Squeeze of death”.

2 reviews for Lora Carter of Montoya – The Anaconda come for them

  1. cherina

    SUPER incomparable LORA in this video

  2. Marcos

    Awesome video…!
    Thanks ♥Lora…!♥♥ for this wonderful video….!♥♥
    ♥Lora♥ performances are always the best and this video shows it “great fighting movements combined with impressive Lora’s scissor holds”
    Also ♥Lora♥ shows here her new outfits variety but the best is her new snake suit, this one fits on her perfectly and ♥Lora♥ looks like an “Anaconda”…! so I always will say “the effort was worth it”.
    I love working with ♥Lora♥ she always brings my stories to wonderful videos with the great video quality.
    Always I give thanks to Lora’s team, the guys’ job was great in special Igor, in the scene where Igor fight with The Anaconda, he thought that had trapped her but was she who trapped him, WoW! ♥Lora♥ show a lot of energy and power in her scissor holds, The Anaconda left Igor’s body made mashed potatoes, which great Igor’s performance, nice painful expression, and moans, this almost looks like real physical suffering, poor Igor took the worst punish.
    The video has an excellent camera job, great angles, and close-ups, Lora’s cameraman always works great…!
    Thanks a lot ♥Lora♥ you always will be my top favorite actress on the web…!♥
    And I can say ♥Lora♥ gained a new character and I will be happy to write more stories about Lora “The Anaconda” because I have Lora to bring them in videos…!♥

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