Lora Carter “The death has cute legs”

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My hubby Marcos Montoya and I were attacked on our wedding night, one of those men shot my hubby, I was very sad, also very angry, my fury awakened so and myself killed those bad men. I thought that my hubby was dead, but not, he only had fainted, I got surprised when I hear him call me and now I’m very happy!
I only got to interrogate one of those men before killing him, and we discovered the hitmen organization they come from. My hubby Marcos Montoya got important information about this organization with the help of your contacts and he knows where we can find them and his leader.
I will go with my hubby to finish with all of them and clarify if was “The Saudi” who hired them to kill my hubby and kidnap me. I will not let anyone hurt my lovely hubby again!

1 review for Lora Carter “The death has cute legs”

  1. Marcos

    Fantastic video…!♥Lora♥
    One of the very important points in my story was focused on Lora Carter of Montoya. She is now all a beautiful madam, so I wanted not to lose any detail on her and I took care of her brand new outfits…!♥
    Lora Carter of Montoya should look very elegant, very feminine, and without her sensuality and YEAH! Lora, you look wonderful…!♥♥
    I did leave Lora to choose her hairstyle and make-up…WOW! ♥Lora♥ you look incredible…!♥
    Lora’s performance always is fantastic, she enters and lives each of her characters, so I love work with her. Lora did excellent fighting scenes, also Lora and Marcos makes a nice couple…!♥♥
    The cameraman’s job was great…! He didn’t lose any detail of my story and emphasized all more important scenes with very good angles and close-ups.
    Lora, I’m very happy with your job and thanks a lot…!♥♥
    Lora Carter, now as the madam Lora Carter of Montoya will have a lot of adventures together with her hubby and I expect you will be happy to bring her into a real video.

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