Lora Carter “The White Widow”. Alternant

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Lora Carter and Marcos Montoya “The Marquis” get married and Marcos takes Lora to his mansion to pass their honeymoon there, Lora was very happy to have a manly, handsome, elegant, and millionaire hubby, while Marcos was happy to have a beautiful and skilling wife who might to protect him. While both were happy together a hitmen team get enter in Marcos mansion eliminating all security, they get to enter the bedroom where Marcos and Lora were, Marcos tries to defend Lora but one of the hitmen use his gun and mortally wounds Marcos, Lora awake all her fury and fight like a female tiger killing all hitmen, but she gets information about who hired them for killing Marcos and kidnap her. Before to die Marcos gives away Lora a special outfit, Lora Carter is transformed into Lady Punisher and she will take justice by herself but Marcos Montoya isn’t dead…!

1 review for Lora Carter “The White Widow”. Alternant

  1. Marcos

    Great video…! Lora…!♥ I love work with you and you are my favorite actress on the web…!♥♥
    I loved the new Lora’s hairstyle…very nice…! I loved her new white lace bodysuit, it looks elegant and very sexy.
    Lora did show a lot of energy in every fighting movement, a lot of emotion “Lora, is all a tigress” and much feeling when she lost her hubby, and yeah, my story combines love, emotion, action, drama, and suspense. Always Lora’s cameraman surprises me, he works great on his camera for not lose any detail on the scenes and get a lot of angles and close-ups.
    Lora Carter’s storylines are my new inspiration and in this alternate story, I wanted to give a sad drama scene but with a suspense end, so that I now can write 2 different stories and already I wrote more about her, I expect to count on Lora and her team to bring them to a real video.
    Thansk ♥LORA♥ I love you…!♥♥

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