Lora Carter “The White Widow”

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Lora Carter and Marcos Montoya “The Marquis” get married and Marcos take Lora to his mansion to pass their honeymoon there, Lora was very happy to have a manly, handsome, elegant, and millionaire hubby, while Marcos was happy to have a beautiful and skilling wife who might to protect him. While both were happy together a hitmen team get enter in Marcos mansion eliminating all security, they get to enter the bedroom where Marcos and Lora were, Marcos tries to defend Lora but one of the hitmen use his gun and mortally wounds Marcos, Lora awake all her fury and fight like a female tiger killing all hitmen, but she gets information about who hired them for killing Marcos and kidnap her. Before to die Marcos gives away Lora a special outfit, Lora Carter is transformed into Lady Punisher and she will take justice by herself.

2 reviews for Lora Carter “The White Widow”

  1. Marcos

    “The effort is worth it…!”
    Lora first let me say to you “You look incredibly beautiful in your wedding dress…!♥♥♥ the dress fit on you…perfect…!♥♥ thanks so much for your make-up and hairstyle, I had left this to your own want and you did surprises me…I love it…!♥♥
    Lora has a lot of videos wearing on many outfits, but no in a wedding dress until now, I never thought Lora might fight dressed in a wedding dress, but Lora did it…!♥♥ and was incredible…!♥♥ Lora you are fantastic…!♥♥ AWESOME VIDEO…!♥♥
    I’m over glad for this video, Lora always puts a lot of energy and feeling into my videos, it was a challenge for Lora…to make a lot of fighting movements wearing a wedding dress…WOW! excellent kicks and knee…!♥ powerful karate chops…! and a perfect arm lock neck breaker…!♥♥
    THANKS SO MUCH, ♥LORA♥ you are incredible, I LOVE WORK WITH YOU…!♥

  2. Polar Bear

    Great concept. I really enjoyed this video. Lora looks absolutely stunning and is wonderful as the scornful bride enacting her revenge.

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