Lora is trapped by 10 guys. Part 2

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Lora is surrounded by 10 guys. They are circling around her and looking for the chance to hold her from behind. Lora manages to kick a few guys. And then, one guy finally manages to hold Lora from behind, and all the other guys come at her immediately at the same time to hold her. They carry and pull off her clothing while Lora’s helplessly struggling and screaming.

Lora is trapped by 10 guys. Part 1

2 reviews for Lora is trapped by 10 guys. Part 2

  1. Ruben87


  2. diamond.eyes@hotmail.it

    5 stars because I really like the idea of one against ten villains but 1 star because in this video there is not even a belly punch scene like in first part, too bad

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