Lora The Lady Punisher-2

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Lora The Lady Punisher 2. Lady Punisher falls in love with “The Saudi”

Lady Punisher (police agent Lora Carter) was kidnapped by “The Saudi” who wants to have beautiful women around him, but Lora Carter is special for him, she isn’t just beautiful also she has a special skill that “The Saudi” want, and he will use his men and clones from himself to torment her and test all her skills, “The Saudi” is going to see Lora Carter is all a female wild cat when she fighting with his men and this is what “The Saudi” loves from her and he will use his money, jewels and also his manly personality to seduce her. Could “The Saudi” get all that he wants from her…?

1 review for Lora The Lady Punisher-2

  1. Marcos

    Absolutely awesome…! ♥Lora’s♥ work always great…!♥
    ♥Lora♥ your performance was wonderful, with excellent fighting action, clean dialogues, and very expressive, also on the perilous scene (bear hug, backbreaker, and smothering) Lora’s expression was fantastic, any Lora’s work always is a guaranty that all will come excellent.
    The cameraman’s work was excellent, nice angles, goods close-ups, and the action replays, all were awesome (the backbreaker scene has nice angles).
    Otto is a good actor, nice facial expression (angry, pain, smile, etc) his performance always perfect, the backbreaker and bear hug to Lora was excellent.
    Igor actor is new and he did a good job too, also Igor might make the role-play from one main character from my storylines, I will keep him on my preferent actors’ list.
    ♥Lora♥ let me say, you always bring my storylines to a real video with great performance, fantastic fighting action, excellent camera, nice scenarios, and very good actors. ♥Lora♥ I love work with you…!♥
    Thanks a lot for this awesome work, I loved my video…!
    I expect this story have liked to you…!♥♥

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