Lora the Lady Punisher

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Custom clip request.

Product length: 46 minutes

Lora Lady Punisher “She’s charming when punishing”

6 reviews for Lora the Lady Punisher

  1. dbr000kerst


  2. Derek

    I think you should make a female fighting low blow.

  3. Marcos

    Derek, this one was a custom video, not Lora’s video if you want a female fighting low blow video, you can order one.

  4. Marcos

    ♥Lora♥ thanks very much to bring one of my best storylines to one awesome video, this video was wonderful, excellent scenarios, very nice illumination, ♥Lora♥ always beautiful, lethal, and very sexy, incredible Lady Punisher. “♥Lora,♥ you make to any outfits looks fantastic on you…!”. OMG! ♥Lora♥ in your dress-up scene “you almost kill me of heart attack…!” ♥Lora♥ your fighting action fantastic, powerful, and with much energy. About your male’ actors team, Otto as the “The Saudi” he is exactly as in my stories, Otto as “Squeezer” excellent performance, your other guys Eric and Max worked great, all bad guys’ outfits were excellent, your cameraman did an awesome work, excellent angles, nice close-ups, incredible action-replays, I loved this work, the best of all tem that I have ordered…!
    Thanks very much ♥Lora♥ to filming my custom video, always a pleasure work with you and your team, all professional.
    ♥Lora♥ always my top number one actress on the web…!♥♥♥

  5. SMJ

    Welcome to Lora the Lady Punisher !
    Lora is more and more sexy, dominant and arrogant.
    I like the way she looks at the camera and talks to explain what she is going to do !
    And these outfits and poses…

  6. Maestro


    From the photos it looks that Lora may win but she may lose…..

    Can someone please confirm the outcome.

    Going forwards I think it would be a good idea to have in the categories section something that sets out who wins/loses (although sometimes it is very clear).

    Many thanks indeed & keep up the great work!!

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