Lora’s trophy. Part 3

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Lora is trying to leave the room. She is approached by Luna who wants to see her security pass. She doesn’t have one and so tries to push past Luna. Luna grabs Lora by her arm and pulls her back. Lora and Luna fight. They start by swinging punches to each other’s cheeks. Then some kicks to the face are delivered as well and more punches to the face. Luna finally knocks Lora out with a combination of punches to the stomach and face, and slaps to the face. As Lora lays unconscious, Luna removes her from the room by dragging her out of it by her boots.

Lora’s trophy

Lora’s trophy. Part 2

1 review for Lora’s trophy. Part 3

  1. Skirtfan

    Truly amazing. More fantastic performances from Lora and Luna. A script can only go so far in that it lays out the sequence of events and action that takes place. However, the emotion and vocal accompaniment in this go well beyond what you can try and describe in a script. The way Lora gradually weakens, tires and becomes more vocal over the course of the confrontation is brilliant. Luna also does a wonderful job as a security guard who knows she will win and shows it throughout with a lovely level of arrogance. Both girls are stars. Because of what they add to it, movies like this are brought to life in a way that a script alone could not do. The special effects were also perfect. Realistic bruising and then a perfect release of blood at exactly the right moment. Nothing excessive, but just enough to show the realistic outcome of a fight like this. Finally, the music in the background is perfect and changes depending on what is happening. The attention to detail in these movies is superb. This gets a 10/10 rating.

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