Luna-Juri vs Sonya-Cammy

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Luna as Juri and Sonya as Cammy from street fighter. They fight each other for some time while also finishing each other off during the fight. For example, Juri puts Cammy in a headscissor which ends in snapping Cammy’s neck, end scene. the next scene begins with Cammy in the headscissor but she manages to get out this time. They fight on and Cammy kicks juris head so hard it snaps her neck and she spins and hits the ground, end scene. The next scene begins with Juri dodging that same kick etc. They also twitch on the floor after the finishers too.

1 review for Luna-Juri vs Sonya-Cammy

  1. ryonahunter

    loved it! my favorite video so far! I hope that lady2fight will make more videos like this one!

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