My loving wife, my dangerous Anaconda, my powerful tigress

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My hubby Marcos Montoya and I had a romantic night together and he did show to be a tiger on the bed when my hubby went to take a drink, I was attacked by 3 men and when he gets back he found me unconscious in the arms of a man, those men were looking for my hubby’s money, when I get awake they had a gun pointing my hubby, I was scared because my hubby was wearing only his bath coat and I wanted to protect him and hubby didn’t attend their demands, so they decide to harm me, one of the strong men grabbed me and was crushing me until leaving me unconscious, they threatened my hubby to give all his money to them or the strong man was to break me up.
Marcos didn’t want them to hurt me and he accepted, 2 men took my hubby while the strong man was with me and when I get awake used all my fighting skills to eliminate him, when my hubby and the 2 men return they found me holding their strong buddy dead, their surprise was so great and they didn’t know that my hubby had taken their guns, now my hubby will show them that his cute wife is very dangerous when I get to transform into The Anaconda and in his favorite The Tigress…!

1 review for My loving wife, my dangerous Anaconda, my powerful tigress

  1. Marcos

    OMG! Lora “The Tigress” her new transformation, Lora looks powerful, any man will get scared just hearing her roars but her powerful clawing will leave to anyone a nice memory…!♥♥
    I loved this video with thriller and action, Lora did show a lot of her great performance as an actress….!♥♥
    In this story, Lora can look like a sweety wife but that can defeat any opponent even bigger than her….!♥♥
    Lora as “The Anaconda” Wow! I love Lora’s snake suit, this one fits on her perfectly, a fantastic action, Lora’s scissor holds make bones creak…!♥
    Be careful! if Lora “The Anaconda” wraps you, she will not leave any of your bones whole…!♥♥
    Lora as “The Tigress” is a new transformation that I added to her, here Lora show a lot of her power and energy with her powerful karate strikes, but the more interesting was Lora’s clawings, this scene I loved a lot, was new stuff that Lora did awesomely….!♥ and what I can say about Lora’s roars, I love this tigress…!♥
    Thanks so much, Lora and all your team for this fantastic video, Lora Carter of Montoya will come with more adventures….!♥♥

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