Nancy Goldrake the crime syndicate lady

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Running a crime syndicate is hard work because you must keep your men in line whilst doing big crime stuff and comply with your orders. I’m Nancy Goldrake a ruthless syndicate leader and my feminine instincts tell me something isn’t right with my most dangerous goon so I can smell a rat in my organization, so I decided to finish him personally as I always make with anyone who no fulfills with my orders or betrays me. Igor is a mountain of muscles, burly and strong, but it is not important to me, Igor deserves to die at a woman’s hands.

4 reviews for Nancy Goldrake the crime syndicate lady

  1. Marcos

    To be my first video with Nancy, let me say I love ♥Nancy’s♥ job, the introduction scene was wonderful, Nancy introduced herself as a ruthless woman. Nancy’s fighting skills are slowly but full of energy, she has her own style and I loved it. ♥Nancy♥ is now on my preference actress list and she is going to work more in Nancy Goldrake’s character which she plays perfectly,♥Nancy♥ has her own character very well won.
    Thanks so much ♥Lora♥ for this fantastic job and a special thanks to ♥Nancy♥…!

  2. man45L.FFan

    NANCY looks stunning and wonderful in white costum and white boots. She has character and body who was born for beating up badly men. Nancy has a different and unique fighting style. She is slow but deadly and destructive in fighting. She has very sexy knee and kick strikes and deadly steel scissors. Nacy turned this huge montain man into poor beaten boy begging for mercy between her legs. İ would like to see more NANCY videos.Such as Secret sexy agent NANCY or NANCY V.S. 3 THUGS etc. …And i expect Nancy serial karate kicks and gymnastic and spin kicks in these videos . Fighting and beating men is suitable for NANCY. Thank you Nancy and team.

  3. Saul

    Very boring this video. the scenes are boring and I hope in the future MORE videoS with SONYA.

  4. Marcos

    Saul, this video wasn’t a Lora’s script, it is a custom video from a Lora’s customer, who paid to film it, if the video was boring for you it is OK, all reviews are welcome, but if you want something special, you can order your own custom video and pay for this, the customer pays for that he wants to see…! (his idea, his story, his theme, etc)
    More videos with Nancy will come, but maybe they will not be your preference.

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