Nancy receives groin attacks. Part 2

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After Nancy was betrayed and severely cuntbusted and humiliated by her partner and a crook, she seeks revenge on the duo. She sneaks in quietly into the lair of the two criminals. She’s armed with a police baton. The crooks were counting money and hastily scrambles to face her. Nancy has the advantage in the surprise attack. She quickly beats down the crooks one after another and starts acting arrogantly, scolding her ex partner for the betrayal, and promising to bring both of them back to justice. She was about to handcuff one of the crooks, but was not careful. She did not notice the other crook had recovered and was just between her legs. She received a claw grab on her crotch, and screams in pain. She dropped the cuffs and tries to pry away the hands at her crotch. The other crook takes the opportunity to punch Nancy on her face and stomach. She manages to dislodge the claw and staggers back holding her crotch in pain. Both crooks fights Nancy at the same time. Punches and kicks were exchanged. The crooks know Nancy’s weakness and takes every opportunity to low-blow her.

Nancy receives groin attacks. Part 1


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