Nancy receives groin attacks

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Nancy is a policewoman, sent in with another policeman to capture a crook. Nancy is a proud and arrogant fighter. She looks down on her partner as she thinks he is not up to the mark. Nancy and partner goes into the lair of a crook to capture him. After a short fight, Nancy and the policeman managed to pin down the crook in a joint effort. Nancy goes off to look around the lair for stolen goods while the policeman continues to pin the crook down. The crook managed to talk the policeman into joining him, and take revenge on Nancy for being such a bitch. The policeman agrees to go with the crook and devises a plan for revenge.

Nancy receives groin attacks. Part 2

1 review for Nancy receives groin attacks

  1. Jonny Walker

    Great for the low blow fans! I like the way how the low blows delivered at lady2fight, always with a contact and sometimes sensible for a jobber. Despite the fact that these guys were careful enough, Nancy got to deal with a bit of pain for real – which most of the low blow fans would like to see:) Anyway great work! Would be great to see Nancy against Lora or Sonya as they deliver low blows more merciless, of course if she can deal with it without any stupid groin protectors which we could see in some videos, that kills all the fantasy…

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