Parade of punishment for Lora

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Lora gets a belly beatdown. She starts off battling the villain, putting up a decent fight. A few hits here and there would weaken her, but she’s still able to try and fight back. Eventually the pain is just too much and she’s at the mercy of her enemy.

4 reviews for Parade of punishment for Lora

  1. Jeffrey Rockwell

    I knew that this video would contain belly punching in it, but I didn’t know that it would involve ONLY that action. I thought there would be more variety, but it was a half-hour of one kind of activity with constant loud wailing from the victim. I’ve liked other videos from the company, and I’m sure I will again, but this wasn’t their best.

  2. Larry

    I ordered this custom from Lora and co., and like always they did an outstanding job in following my script and directions to the letter. Lora looks fantastic in uniform, and her acting in belly punching is some of the best I’ve seen.

    As another viewer said, this is indeed a 99% belly punching video, so everyone please know that before you buy. There are a few face kicks but that’s about it for other attacks. If you’re a belly punching fan, as well as a fan of girls in uniforms / nice suits getting belly punched (a rare gem), then would definitely recommend this.

  3. Anonymous

    Very good

  4. Larry

    I ordered this custom, and as always Lora and co. did not disappoint. They put great effort into following my script as close as possible, and were very accommodating in my directions for Lora’s outfit. Lora looked great in the military uniform, and her belly punch reactions were top notch. As the other review mentioned here, please be aware that this is a 99% belly punching video, so know what you’re getting into when you buy this.

    For those who are into belly punching, especially when the victim is wearing a suit / uniform, would highly recommend.

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