Parade of punishment for Lora. Part 2

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There’s a war going on, and Lora is a foot soldier for an all-women army. They are fighting a losing war against an all male army. She’s brave and willing to accomplish her assigned tasks. Lora doesn’t realize it, but her training has been very poor compared to her enemies, she thinks she is ready to fight but she totally isn’t. Lora starts off armed with a weapon. She’ll lose it soon once her stomach hurts too much to fight effectively. Lora also starts off wearing her hat as part of the full uniform. The hat simply gets knocked off early on in the fight.

Parade of punishment for Lora

2 reviews for Parade of punishment for Lora. Part 2

  1. hongnhi32600

    The final torture scene is amazing. the girl was pressed against the wall and lifted up with a baseball bat in her stomach. I want to see them do the same with Sonya.

  2. Larry

    I ordered this custom and it really is quite possibly the best I have. Lora looks great in uniform and she really sells the belly punch reactions. Not over the top, but really looking like she’s in pain etc.

    Tried several sites over the years and Lora & co. are really the best. They really take care to follow all the details you provide, everything from getting the outfits right, to including all the moves you want to see, to the letter. Highly recommend.

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