Sonya Beatdown. Part 2

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Sonya was on the floor defeated from last video, she regained consciousness and one of the heels tried to help her. He brought Sonya a sports bra top for her to wear and Sonya wears the top on top of her Shiny bikini and he gave her water to nourish Sonya. Sonya was so happy that someone is trying to help her during her beatdown.

Sonya barely can stand up after the beatdown from the previous video hence the heel needs to help Sonya to walk out.

However, the heel was planning for a betrayal, as he brought Sonya to another room with a wrestling ring inside for another torture where the other male heel is waiting for her. Sonya was so shocked and tried to run away but the two big heels are too much for Sonya

Defeated Spy. Part 1

Defeated Spy. Part 2

POV 2 vs 1 Sonya Beatdown


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