Sonya topless mixed fight

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The female combatant is wearing a bikini. She throws a couple punches and kicks, but is quickly overpowered. A few minutes into the fight, her top is pulled off. She is topless for the remainder of the match.

The video contains:

Belly and rib punches
Face punches
Kicking when down
Female combatant slammed against wall
Spitting up blood
Rough handling (hairpulling and choking)
The male combatant throat chops the female combatant, causing her to collapse to her knees, coughing and gasping for air. While she is gasping and trying to recover, the male combatant rips her top off.
Cross armed camel clutch
Overhead Backbreaker
Over knee Backbreaker
(topless) Extended Mounted ground and pound that causes some bleeding.
(topless) Throatlift with punching
A variety of 2 handed chokes.
Elbow drop that causes the female combatant to cough up blood
The female combatant attempts to fight back at one point, but the male combatant breaks her arms to disable her.
The female combatant gets held in a dragon sleeper. While in this hold, the male combatant pounds her ribs several time, audibly cracking them.
He chokes her nearly to death then finishes her off with a neck snap.
He pulles her head up by her hair to display to the camera.
Body pans.

3 reviews for Sonya topless mixed fight

  1. kimjoomo

    I’m disappointed.

  2. HolyMolyDude1231

    Big strong men, beautiful woman, brutal beatdown (she is beaten senseless), blood, broken bones, and nice tits out. Damn near the perfect film. Buy this one. Trust me.

  3. PB

    This was my custom. 🙂 All around fantastic, a perfect beatdown.

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