Sonya vs three thug. Part 2

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Sonya has come for an interview as a secret agent . The interviewer says that she has to prove that she is an expert in all the martial arts. Sonya replies that she has brought some video examples of her in action to show him.

Sonya vs three thug. Part 1

3 reviews for Sonya vs three thug. Part 2

  1. Kev

    Sonya at her very best

  2. man 45

    Unstopable, Unbeatable and irresistable SONYA.Excellent fighting and beating performance from an drop dead gorgeous martial girl. Her acrobatic and playful kicks, Her deadly face sittings, her unique and impressive serious of kicks, knees punches and slamming men into the wall is great. Sonya is beat and number one after this video. She is creatued to beatup bad men i think. i would like to see Sonya v.s. And the men’s performance are great.Excellent fighting and dominating video . Sonya is the BEATER OF BAD THUGS. Thank you team.

  3. miko

    i watch this video over and over .Some of Sonia’s kicks and her martial moves ae impossible to do.The scenes where Sonia drags these 3 muscular men by the hair and collar for a new beating are amazing to watch.Sonia’s facial expressions while beating or dragging these guys by their hair are perfect.İ dont understand How SONIA became such a martial expert and queen. She probably has blackbelt in many martial arts. Sonia is the number one and much better than any female martial artists.i look forward to Sonia v.s 3 thugs or more thugs part 3 . Thank you.

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