Supergirl finally enjoys revenge

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Catwoman is summoned to the ring to fight Supergirl once again. She stands ready in the ring with crystal in hand.
This time Supergirl, with the use of her magic cape, is invisible and separates Catwoman from the crystal. Now Supergirl is at full strength and easily pummels catwoman since she cannot see her to fight back. Catwoman is so weakened from the beating that Supergirl takes off her cape and becomes visible to finish her off. In each of 4 positions Supergirl puts her power on display by punching her full force by only poking or flicking catwomans belly. Supergirl then restrains her power to push in the soft and limp body of Catwoman so that she can enjoy “beating up the kitten” for as long as possible. Once catwoman is sucker punched in the belly several times by her invisible opponent, the kitten is beaten down slowly for the enjoyment of Supergirl.

Slowly defeating Supergirl with belly pushes

1 review for Supergirl finally enjoys revenge

  1. mbrand

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! Supergirl(Luna) dished out the punishment beautifully, and Catwoman(Lora) took it like the champ she is. There is just no words to describe how well the ladies are able to bring imagination to life.
    Thank you so much!

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