The Abductors “Lora Carter’s legs are her most lethal weapons”

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Several females models are disappearing and the police department was investigating and got caught a suspicious who might know something about it, the police chief has given orders to police agent Lora Carter to interrogating him and after a painfully interrogatory the police agent Lora Carter gets all information from him, now she is going to a modeling session undercover as a lovely model, but Lora Carter isn’t going to catch them, she is going to kill them. In her mission, Lora found an attractive and millionaire European man known as Marcos “The Marquis” who after watch to Lora’s skills and also her beauty, he falls in love with her. Will Lora Carter to fell under Marcos “The Marquis” seduction and his good looking or is Lora going to catch him?

1 review for The Abductors “Lora Carter’s legs are her most lethal weapons”

  1. Marcos

    Is this Marcos me…? or he is another Marcos…?
    I think Lora Carter must have her own adventures, she reserves it…!♥♥
    Something that I loved about this video was all actors’ performances, they entered and lived every character according to the story, the video has a lot of details from the storyline and from actors themself.
    Lora did 3 roleplay here and I found Lora looks different on everyone: a girl in peril, a lovely newbies model, and a badass policewoman, Lora always does puts a lot on her: emotion, skill, and energy one each scene, I love to work with ♥Lora♥.
    The cameraman always working nice and now he did work a lot of closeups to emphasize scenes in this video. Great job…!♥
    Igor and Otto are my preferred bad guys, both have that bad guy touch (tall, burly, and bad man’s face) their performances were great, also Marcos actor, he did a nice roleplay, good walk style and he looks very elegant in a suit, but he is me or he is another Marcos…? I’ll ask Lora…!♥♥

    Thanks so much, Lora…great job…!♥♥

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